Final round of Masters TV ratings lowest in 8 years

The 2012 Masters had everything as it normally does come Sunday during the final round.

It had drama, intrigue, history making shots, big runs, huge mistakes. And of course, a 90-degree hook shot from the pine needles by Bubba Watson, in a playoff, to win his first green jacket.

All of that drama and suspense aside. The Master saw it's lowest TV ratings for a final round in 8 years. As well as it's third lowest in 20 years.

A combination of factors could have been the cause for these low ratings.

Of course, it was Easter Sunday, and well, arguably the game's biggest name [Tiger Woods] had his poorest showing at a Masters since turning pro.

The overnight rating of the final round coverage of The Masters on CBS was an 8.1, down 22% from 2011's, 10.4 rating.

This trend can be seen going back to 1993, when the final round has been played on Easter Sunday.
  • 1998 - 6.8
  • 2004 - 7.3
  • 2009 - 8.8
  • 2012 - 8.1
Do these ratings unfortunately show, that a lot of golf fans will not tune in to see major championships unless Woods is in the mix?

Many have speculated this pattern before.

It's sad to think that perhaps one player can control the popularity of a sport.

More so, as this Masters; to this writer, was one of the best in recent memory. Especially with some of the play we were able to witness during Sunday's final round.

If golf fans turned their TV's away from the coverage on CBS, because perhaps Woods was not in the hunt. They certainly missed a finish for the ages at Augusta National.

No matter the TV ratings. This edition of The Masters will go down as one of the best finishes in recent memory.


  1. No Tiger, don't care!

  2. Your opinion of it of course, Anonymous.

    Unfortunately, that is where golf is struggling. When Woods is not near the top. They tend to lose viewers for whatever reason.

    I often ask those fans. With the other teams they support, say football teams. When they are losing, do they leave the game or quit watching?

    Most say of course not. I'm a fan and will watch unitl the end. I wonder why not in golf then if Woods is not doing well?

    To each their own of course.