Did triple bogey cost Mickelson his fourth green jacket?

Three time Masters winner Phil Mickelson, at times by his own admission, over thinks certain shots or approaches to shots on the golf course.

Did his decision on the par-three, fourth on Sunday at the Masters, cost 'Lefty' his shot at a fourth green jacket?

Let's set the stage.

Mickelson, came into the final round only one shot off the lead. He did not need a miracle front-nine to keep himself in it. He just didn't need to shoot himself out of it that early.

Unfortunately, he did the latter.

He stood on the tee on No. 4 knowing and envisioning the shot he wanted to hit. Again, his miscue here could be attributed to his; at times, over thinking the shot.

“Tactically, what I try to do there is aim left of the pin and I try to hit either the left edge or in the bunker or just left of the bunker where I’m chipping up the green, chipping into the slope,” said Mickelson after carding an even par round of 72."

“Usually I can get that up and down.” He continued. “If it goes into people and stops right there, no problem."

"If it goes into the grandstand, no problem. It hit the metal railing and shot in the trees. And not only was it unplayable, but I couldn’t take an unplayable. There was no place to go other than back to the tee.”

So he meant to hit it over there?

Listening to Mickelson after the round. That's exactly what he wanted to do.

Should he have tried to hit both of those shots right handed out of that lie and foliage?

Perhaps not.

Though it would (now of course) seem like a better thought pattern to head back to the tee, and try to just knock it on the green to salvage a double bogey at worst.

At times, these sort of shots are what makes 'Phil the Thrill' so popular to watch on the PGA Tour. His unique ability and vision of shots that no one else either sees, can pull off -- Or wants to attempt themselves.

Ultimately, it does cost the 4-time major championship winner in some of his biggest moments. And it could have cost him, a shot at his fourth green jacket this year at Augusta National.

What are your thoughts on Mickelson's decision on the par-three, fourth?

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