Matt Every; gives an interesting interview in Hawaii

Matt Every finished his second round at the Sony Open in Honolulu, Hawaii with a very nice six-under, 64. However, he made his most noise in his post round interview with the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilgham.

Every, as I'm sure most golf fans are aware of, got himself into a little bit of trouble a few years back.

The three time All-American at the University of Florida, was arrested for marijuana in his possession in a hotel in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Every denied the charges, though was arrested after police reports stated, when police knocked on the door, the smell of marijuana; which they smelled outside the room, became stronger.

The report went on to state that there were four people in the room, and one person admitted to the police that they provided the marijuana to the rooms occupants.

Now to present day.

In his interview, Every was asked about that time in his life and what he had learned or changed from that incident in his life.

He responded, "It was alright, I just got three months off. It's just golf."

"I don't think I was doing anything wrong. But you know it happened. I'm the same person, I have the same friends." He continued.

"I just don't think it was that big of a deal. There is a lot worse that goes on out here than what I got in trouble with."

"What ever happened, happened."

After many saw and heard this interview, they were more than taken back.

Did he really say it was not that big of a deal being arrested on drug possession?

Indeed he did.

Many things will be taken from this interview and perhaps by Every himself.

He must know what his words mean and the weight they carry, not only as a PGA Tour member. But as an ambassador for the sponsor's names he wears on his shirt and hat.

If he doesn't, I'm sure someone will be reminding him of that very shortly.

It not only reflects poorly on himself, but the PGA Tour and the companies he represents as well.


  1. How about questions aimed at Tilghman and her ambush intreview ? Those were not quetsions that should EVER be asked (no pun intended) in a 60 second interview. Post round interviews are done to discuss the golf just played and what might be coming up.

    This was typical tabloid garbage media. I would like to know if Tilghman got the go ahead from her producer to ask those questions. She knew there wouldn't be time for complete answers or even decent, fair questions. The subject should never have been brought up.

    Even the accuastory tone of this article shows that the interview should be considered and embarrassment to Every, the PGA Tour, The Golf Channel, and even Kelly Tilghman. The person who should MOST know the meaning of the words is Tilghman. She is supposed to be a media professional and should have known better.

    Every was clearly caught off guard - he was squriming in his chair. He was expecting "terrific round - great start for a rookie - are you ready for tomorrow" type of questions. This was just another example of the poor level of interviewing skills Tilghman has.

    Not a word was mentioned about the charges being dropped.

    Tilghman should be, at the very least, sent back to Orlando - she should never be allowed to do a live interview again. Her sit down interviews are attrocious enough - much less this horrendous display of tabloid "journalism".

    The Golf Channel should be embarrassed.

  2. He gave a terrible answer to a terrible question that he should already have a pat answer for.

    Every should be embarrassed, Golf Channel should be embarrassed.

    Tim Finchem, call your office.

  3. Courtgolf - I agree with a lot of what you posted there for sure. He was ambushed a bit by Tilgham, and those questions should have not been asked at that time.

    Those questions really had no place in that interview. It wouldn't be the first time she (Tilgham) has been involved in something that could/did get her in trouble.

    Many believe she should not be outside of the studio in Orlando. I'm sure something will be done or said from the Golf Channel.

    Almost have to in this situation.

  4. mdrgolf - Like I said to courtgolf. I believe they (Golf Channel) must say something to her and to the viewers about that interview.

    Not a very classy thing to do for sure.

    Yes, my piece was on his answers -- It had to be really. Going through other items now to post a piece on what Tilgham and Golf Channel were thinking asking him those questions in that enviroment right after his round.

    Not the best situation for all parties involved in that setting.

    Bad all around for Every, Tilgham, Golf Channel and the Tour.

  5. It was totally fair game. How often will this guy be given a chance to set the record straight (if possible). Supposedly the charges were dropped, why didn't he simply say that. He could have gone on to say that the whole experience was a learning experience and he has changed his behavior and feels the PGA did what they had to do and he has moved on. This guy was squirming from the very beginning of the interview and was the typical nightmare for an interviewer; his first half-dozen answers were brilliant "yes" - "no" - "uh huh" - "yep." Not exactly a genius. He needs management help and/or pass all interviews.

  6. Comments are not enough this time. Email or call Golf Channel. I like Faldo but he piled on too. All started by a bad question.

  7. I understand the point about him being an ambassador to the game and having sponsors BUT isn't it nice to hear an athlete (or anyone) give a real answer to a question. He was asked about it and answered honestly... because of that we say he was wrong. Did we want him to lie and say it was the worst thing to happen in his life?

    I think it's great to hear an honest answer. Maybe he could be less direct with them in the future and there may be consequences that come with it but if he's going to speak the truth, I'm going to listen.

  8. Kelly T was classless. C'mon The guy is leading a PGA Tour event after 36 holes and she brings up 2010. Respect the golfer and ask him about his round instead of putting him on the spot for a "transgression" in the 2010. Who else has admitted transgressions? Matt, you are the man! I think that interview changed some attitudes toward you. I've become a fan. Go win the Sony!

  9. Wolfie - Yes, I agree it is a breath of fresh air to hear an athlete give an honest answer. However, he does have responsibilities to others, not just to himself to be honest.

    This is a business in the end and if he were to lose sponsors over that, it would be bad.

    I don't think he would, but there is verbiage in player's contracts on this very thing. Speaking about illegal activities (though the charges were dropped).

    I personally didn't have anything against what he said. I was just looking at it from the outside as a pure business and P.R. stand point for Every and the companies he represents and the Tour.

    Honest or not, it is not good to have one of your athletes/players on national television saying he doesn't think he did anything wrong by being around or involved in illegal activities.

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