Natalie Gulbis SI photos; good or bad for female golf

As I'm sure everyone is now aware of and viewed, the photos LPGA player Natalie Gulbis posed for in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, wearing nothing more than body paint.

Of course, theses photos have been the much talked about subject on many social media sites.

True, Gulbis is an adult, and has the right to do what she feels is in her best interest, both on and off the golf course. And by no means am I judging her for what she chose to do.

However, many say this was a great boost for female golf. Where others say it detracts from it.

The LPGA Tour, seemingly becoming more and more popular over the past few years. Perhaps due to players such as Gulbis, Paula Creamer, Sandra Gal, Michelle Wie and the list can go on and on -- Though more due to their looks; unfortunately, than their play on the golf course.

If you polled golf fans right now, I would think it would be hard to find any that knew how Gulbis finished in 2011, or, in her last event for that matter.

Although, they know exactlly where to find her SI pictures on-line.

Which brings us back to the pictures, that by now have been seen by literally millions of men; excuse me, people around the globe.

Do these photos in fact help the growth of the game for women, or do they detract from it?

Is it saying to young women around the globe, that as long as you are an attractive person, you can achieve this status, off the golf course, no matter your skill on the course?

Or, is it saying to young women golfers that you too can have these options opened up to you if you have skill both on and off the golf course?

Is this what the LPGA Tour wishes to convey to young female players around the globe?

Are these photos how they wish their Tour and players to be represented?

What does it say now when the subject of the LPGA Tour arises, that many people will automatically go back to, "Hey, did you see those Natalie Gulbis pictures in SI?"

To many, female golfers should be judged on their skill set on the golf course, and not just their appearance alone.


  1. If she would concentrate more on her golf and less on being a model she might be in the top ten consistently, she has too many extraneous activities going on, so far in 2012 she has missed the cut 3x, two of which in majors. Makeup your mind Natalie, are you a pin up girl or pro golfer?