2012 is a big year for Michelle Wie

It seems like the name Michelle Wie has been around golf, longer than her age of 22 would warrant.

Her name and game have been talked about and dissected with a microscope since the age of 10, when she qualified for the Women's U.S. Amateur Public Links Champions.

When Wie first burst on to the scene of professional golf, her power, iron play, physique and of course looks, had her on every one's 'can't miss list'.

However, recently the young super star has been struggling with her game. Many believe it is due to with her wanting to continue her education at the University of Stanford. Where, she will graduate from this spring, with a degree in communications.

Saying it would be difficult to impossible for her to put the time needed in both areas; school and golf, to see the results she wanted in each.

Many even questioned her commitment to the game of golf at one point.

2012 will be a big year for Wie. Trying to prove that her decision was the right one, and that by attending college, it is not the main reason for the recent decline in her performance on the golf course.

During her early; and still young career, Wie managed to finish in the top-10, seven times in the first 11 majors she competed in. Since that time, she has recorded only one in her last 16 appearances.

Wie does have two wins as a professional at the age of 22. Though seemingly over shadowed now recently, by a younger star coming into their own, who also has two professional wins -- Lexi Thompson.

So what is the main concern in Wie's game?

Is it her commitment to education, her all around game, her putting?

Many will point to her putting at first, as she has struggled on the green recently. She has changed grips and putters so many times, it's hard to keep up with them.

Wie finished 115th on the LPGA in putting average during the 2011 season.

She has also fallen down to the 17th position in the Rolex Women's World Rankings, and is the sixth highest American on that list.

No matter the issues with her life and game, on and off the golf course. 2012 is going to be a very big year for Michelle Wie.

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