Azinger calls Tiger's actions at Augusta an 'embarrassment'

Tiger Woods has at times been known to let his emotions on the golf course, boil over and get the best of him.

He's been known to swear, drop clubs, throw clubs and most recently at Augusta National during The Masters -- He kicked one of his clubs off the ground.

After his poorly hit tee shot on the par-three, 16th hole. Woods dropped his club to the ground. Then cominst to kick the club after it had hit the ground.

A small tantrum; if you will, from the former world No. 1.

Many will contend this is one of the [many] reasons Woods has such a following around the globe. Showing that fire, that intensity he has on the golf course, that many fans enjoy.

One person who did not enjoy it, was former Ryder Cup captain, Paul Azinger.

During a Monday interview for Sirus XM, Azinger let it be known he was not a fan at all of what Woods did on the tee box at No. 16 during The Masters.

“Tiger’s antics this week were an embarrassment to the game, to the membership at Augusta,” said Azinger. “I was really disappointed to see him carry on that way. He’s not trying to endear himself to anybody."

“I thought he acted like the south end of a northbound mule.”

The 1993 PGA Champion in the past, has often let know his thoughts on the state of Woods game as of late. Saying that his swing has become too technical, and is too worried on the mechanics of the swing, instead of his feel.

“I think his brain is full of swing thoughts, not swing feelings. He thinks he needs to know it all so he can fix what’s wrong, but that’s not what happened here,” Azinger continued.

"I can’t compare my career to Tiger Woods’ career for sure, but I’ll say this, in the 28 years I’ve played golf for a living I’ve never been as lost as he looked out there."

Woods may get more than stern words from a fellow golfer. He may also be subject to discipline from the PGA Tour as well.

Of course, it's Tour policy that players fines, suspensions, etc. are not to be made public. So we may never know if Woods will in fact receive any punishment from the PGA Tour.

Woods did offer an appology when he was asked about the incident.

''I apologize if I offend anybody by that but I've hit some bad shots. It's certainly frustrating at times not to hit the ball where you need to hit it,'' Woods said.

''I certainly heard that people didn't like me kicking the club. But I didn't like it, either. I hit it right in the bunker. Didn't feel good on my toe, either.''

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