Tseng thinking about teeing it up on the PGA Tour

It seems in recent memory every time a female golfer is dominating the women's game, the subject of 'how would she do against men' comes up.

Rightfully so in some aspects I suppose.

Annika Sorenstan did it -- Michelle Wie gave it a go a few times, though neither were able to make a cut in the PGA Tour events they participated in.

Now it seems, you can enter Yani Tseng's name into that discussion.

The 22-year old Taiwanese super star said recently she would not be against teeing it up against the men.

In a recent interview with the China News Agency, Tseng said, "If an opportunity presents itself, I would like to play in a PGA tournament to learn more from male golfers."

"I wouldn’t care about the results because I’d just want to enjoy the feeling of playing with guys and learning from them to further improve my skills."

Tseng is having one of the greatest years a golf could possibly have in 2011. She has won 11 times world wide including two majors on the LPGA Tour.

So, why not try her game against the best in the world on the PGA Tour?

I am not one to discourage anyone from trying what they believe in. I happen to believe that Tseng may be the golfer on the planet right now.

Tough to argue with the dominating results she has posted in 2011.

However, the PGA Tour and the courses they play added with the length she would have to play from I believe would be her down fall.

Yes, Tseng does lead the LPGA Tour in driving distance at 267.9 yards. The average on the PGA Tour is 291 yards.

A difference of around 23 yards. Perhaps not that big of a deal, but Tseng is also ranked 180th on the LPGA in driving accuracy.

She would already be giving up almost 25 yards off the tee, now factor in she doesn't hit many fairways and that could spell disaster for her against the men.

If she couldn't find the fairway with more consistency, she would be hitting into the greens from further back with a longer club, most likely out of the rough.

Not the ideal shot you want to be taking at the greens on the PGA Tour.

This article was not intended to bash Tseng in anyway. I have already stated I believe she may be the best golfer on the planet right now.

Although, her distance or rather lack there of -- Compared to the PGA Tour players, would I believe lead to her downfall in this challenge.

Could she play with the men?

Could she hold her own?

Will this ever happen?

Of course, we will have to wait and see how that all plans out, but yes. I do believe she can, she could and she will.

Now making the cut, that is another story all together.


  1. I'm not really sure why women think they have to prove themselves against the men. They need to just keep doing what they are doing on their own tours and continue to grow their game.

    Teeing it up with the men is proving nothing to me. As you said, the length and the courses the men play are far tougher than what they are use to playing. Not a fan of her or any other woman golfer doing this again.

  2. I'd have to agree with you Chad. I don't need to see Yani Tseng go up against PGA Tour players to prove to me she is that good.

    What she has done in 2011 is nothing short of extraordinary and she should be commended for her play on the LPGA Tour and not try to test herself against the men.

    I personally do not want to see her do this either.

  3. Thanks for chiming in on this guys. It's a subject that doesn't come up all that often, but with Yani's year -- It was bound to.

    I am not an advocate for women playing against the men either.

    I agree it tends to be looked upon as some sort of side show when it does happen. We'll see if anything ever becomes of it before going too much further.

  4. New twist to this story anounced just moments ago. The general chairman of the Puerto Rcio Open, Sidney Wolf, announced he would offer Yani Tseng an exemption to play in their event in 2012.

    “Having the No. 1 player here would open our event to a broader audience," Wolf told Golfweek. "It could open up the possibility of a LPGA event here, and ultimately help us raise funds for our charities. It would also creates awareness of Puerto Rico globally, which would economically be very positive for the island.”

    It turns out that Tseng may be teeing it up with the men sooner than we all thought.

    What are your thoughts now?

  5. Wow, that didn't take too long before a tournament director jumped on to Tseng's comments did it?

    This will be an interesting situation to follow as that event in 2012 draws closer. I wonder if Yang is ready to explore this challenge as soon as next season.

    Story becomes very interesting all of a sudden now that an actual men's tour event has offered her a spot.

  6. Well now that Tseng has an "official" invite to play with the men, this story does get a lot more interesting that's for sure.

    Can't wait to see how and when she responds to this invitation. Big story if she does though.

  7. Yeah, this news does make it far more interesting than just Tseng saying she wants to try it.

    Talking to PGA Tour player Kris Blanks on twitter. He had this to say about her on that course.

    "She will have fun on holes 4,7,8,9,12,14. Long holes that are usually into the wind. I've had hybrid+ into a cpl of them."

    And that just backs up what I have said all along. It's not her game that would hinder her, it's her lack of distance off the longer tee boxes giving her much longer approach shots into those greens.