Stricker says he will Play Presidents Cup

There was much hype surrounding the Presidnets Cup when U.S. Captain Fred Couples made the announcement well in advance that Tiger Woods would be one of his two captain's picks for the 2011 team.

Now, there seems to be more drama once again directed toward the U.S. Team involving another player -- Steve Stricker.

Stricker, who you may remember was forced to withdraw from a FedEx Cup event a few months back due to a herniated disk in his neck.

This nagging injury has left him with a feeling of weakness in his left arm and hand.

Many thought that the injury would or possibly could keep the Madison, Wisconsin native from being a productive member of the U.S. Team.

However, Stricker in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has set the record straight for his plans heading to Australia.

After going over his many options of different procedures and perhaps even surgery, there was just too many scenarios to go over.

"I don't know what's right or who's right," Stricker said.

"I want to play in the Presidents Cup; that's why I decided against surgery," he continued. "I'm going to practice for a good solid two weeks prior to the event and I'll see how it is. I really want to play."

"My arm would have to be falling off for me not to play."

After the BMW Championship; in which he had to withdraw, Stricker did finish out the 2011 PGA Tour season at East Lake in the Tour Championship.

"At the end of the season it was fatigued. It felt really tired. It felt lifeless, like I just didn't have any strength."

Stricker, who has been on the winning President Cup teams in 1996, 2007 and 2009, including going 4-0 when teamed with Woods in 2009, is really looking forward to getting to Australia with his team mates to try and bring another victory home for the U.S.

"I talk to Tiger through texting every now and then. He's really excited. I think he'll be ready, too."

Everyone is waiting anxiously in anticipation to see not only how the partnership of Stricker and Woods will fair for the U.S. again.

Also, how both of their games will look when it comes time to tee it up against the European team, down under.

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