Patrick Cantlay Ready to play with Woods and Oosthuizen

Most players would be a little intimidated by teeing it up in a PGA Tour event and having their partners be Tiger Woods and Louis Oosthuizen.

Together they have 15 majors between them. Of course, Woods having 14 of those majors.

Nonetheless, 19-year old Patrick Cantlay will be doing that very thing tomorrow when he tees it up at the Open.

During his press conference today, young Cantlay did not seem at all nervous when asked about his playing partners. In fact, he joked a little about himself more than his fellow competitors.

"It'll be a great time out there. You know, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not sure what hat I'm going to wear yet. I haven't decided, but yeah, it's going to be a cool day out there, and I'll really enjoy it."

Famous last words from many before have said that as well.

Cantlay is no stranger to the spotlight though. The Long Beach, California native has teed it up on the PGA Tour before.

Earlier this season at Congressional, Cantlay finished in a tie for 21st at the U.S. Open. Not bad for a fresh faced 19-year old in his first career major.

When asked about the added pressure or attention playing with Tiger Woods, Cantlay just smiled and replied, "Yeah, I'm just really -- I'm not going to even worry about it because I can only control what I'm going to do, no matter who I'm playing with."

"So to me it's really not a big deal. You know, I'm just going to stick to my game plan, and nothing I do is going to change because of who I am playing with."

He is no stranger to CordeValle Golf Club either. UCLA, where he attends college hosts an event there each year as well.

Cantlay won the event last year with a score of 6-under par. Though I'm sure the course will look much different than it did as a collegiate player.

When asked about the difference he saw at CordeValle from last year and now, Cantlay had this to see on the course.

"The rough was longer in the college event, for sure, because I think the Frys last week was before the college event, and I don't think they cut the rough last year before the college event."

"Other than that, the course setup is about the same."

Well Mr. Cantlay, we will all see how different or similar the course and your score will be beginning tomorrow when you tee it up in a PGA Tour event.

How do you think Patrick Cantlay will fair at the Open playing with Tiger Woods and Louis Oosthuizen in the first two rounds?

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