Luke Donald's DQ scare at The Masters

The number one ranked player in the world, Luke Donald, had a brush with a disqualification after the first round of the Masters.

Donald, who signed a score card stating he had shot a 73 instead of what he thought he shot, a 75. Would have been disqualified from the event, if he had signed for an incorrect score.

Over the next 30 minutes or so around Augusta National; as well as the social media sphere, the suspense and wonder built on what would become of this.

Fans looking on via the Internet, saw different scores for Donald. Which all seemed to center around No. 5.

On The Masters site, it said Donald scored a three on the hole.

On the PGA Tour website, it said he scored a five on the hole.

Donald himself recalled three putting that green. Making it nearly impossible to have carded a three on that hole.

In the end, it was determined that a smudge mark on his score card, which was faxed to other Masters officials. Produced a smudge on the card.

It made the five look like a three. Thus sending many people, including Donald himself of course. Into a bit of a hectic mode to figure everything out before he was DQ'd from The Masters.

Donald's wife, Diane, tweeted "Just got off the phone with Luke, NOT disqualified. Thank goodness."

After this 'misunderstanding' for lack of abetter term, brings us to this point.

Why, in 2012 is an event such as The Masters, still using fax machines?

Would it not be more prudent to use imagers and e-mails to transfer such things to avoid this in the future?

However it came to be, Donald did indeed card a 3-over, 75 in his first round at The Masters.

Crisis, averted.


  1. It's a stupid rule... There must be 10 million people watching anyway.... What does it have to do with golf?

  2. You can view it either way really. There should never be an inaccuracy as they have scorers walking with them. It was an issue then it wasn't once it was determined it was an error due to the smudge.

    Though it never should have been an issue if Augusta National would welcome the 21st century and update their equipment.