Woods recalls father's tips on putting

Some of Tiger Woods' biggest victories over the years have come by the face of his putter.

Now it seems the almost magic of the putts, have become the one thing Woods struggles with, week in and week out.

The putts that Woods use to be known for making, have turned into the putts that burn the edges of the cup.

What can be done to fix this in Tiger's eye?

He'll return back to the basics of his youth. To what his late father, Earl Woods, taught him to do.

"I spent about almost four hours the other day putting, which was good, two different sessions, two with a meal in between,” Woods said in a post round press conference at the Honda Classic.

“I just worked on going back to my old basics with my dad, and some of the things that he taught me. When I looked at the tape, I got away from some of those things. My posture was off, the way the club was releasing was off. A lot of things were off."

"And I just had to start from the get go, just log in the reps, do my little tee drill that you see me do all the time, and I built it from there. It started coming back, the flow and the stroke, and started feeling very good.”

Many will point to his putting struggles in the opening round at the Honda Classic for his score.

Though it did not tell the entire story of his opening round, at PGA National.

You won't see that he left himself no less than 15 feet (plus), on most of his birdie putts in his opening round.

Yes, the T2 in greens in regulation look good for Woods, as far as stats go.

Yet again, it was his proximity to the cup. And the resulting putts he left himself with, that forged out his score in round one.

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