Tiger's struggles on the green continue

Time and time again we have seen Tiger Woods bury a 40-foot bomb on the green to keep a back-nine charge going. Or to instill fear in his opponent that it's not over yet.

Of course, that was the old Woods.

More recently, it's been his troubles with the flat stick that have kept him from showing that charge, that 'It's not over until I say it is' factor, that golf fans and Tour players alike are use to seeing.

By his own admission, his putting is what has been letting him down recently -- Not his ball striking or play off the greens.

Most recently at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. Woods had a 5 1/2 putt on No. 18 in a match against Nick Watney. That if he made it, would force the match to extra holes.

He pushed it to the left and was defeated 1-up by Watney.

When asked about his game, Woods even replied saying that he is hitting the ball great. It's his putting (again) that is letting him down.

"Yeah, I striped it down the end." Said Woods after losing 1-down to Watney. "I didn't miss a single shot coming in, which is good. And that was fun to hit the ball that well. Unfortunately I just didn't make a putt when I needed it."

He went on to speak a little more about his putting stroke, and what he thinks he's doing wrong in it.

"I'm taking a back shut going back. I need to make that toe move. And I need to feel the release of my stroke."

"And it's hard to release it when the blade is going under. It's shut. And hence I block it open."

If you take a look at Woods' ranking in the Strokes Gained Putting category since 2009, you can easily see when and where his putting became an issue.

In 2009, Woods was ranked 2nd in Strokes Gained Putting.

In 2010, he was ranked 109th

In 2011, 45th. I slight improvement.

And so far in 2012, Woods is ranked 180th in Strokes Gained Putting.

Granted, the year is still very early, and he of all people you would think, could get that part of his game turned around.

On thing is certain as of right now. If it's just his putting that is holding him back from winning. If Woods can get that ironed out before a certain tournament in April.

He again, would become an odds on favorite for a victory.

Of course, the jury is still out on that.

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