Yani Tseng: Young, Fun and Domintaing the Women's Game

Standing over putts for hundreds of thousands of dollars seemingly each and every tournament is what most 22-year old professional women golfers are doing every Sunday right?

Well, maybe not "most" professional women golfers. However, for Yani Tseng it's becoming common place in 2011.

The young lady from Guishan Taoyuan Co., Taiwan, Republic of China has taken the LPGA Tour by storm the past two years and has not looked back since.

Tseng turned pro in 2007 and in a short four year stretch has managed 19 professional wins on tours ranging from the Ladies Asian Tour to her more recent dominance on the LPGA Tour.

It did not take her long to make her mark on the LPGA Tour. In 2008, her rookie season, Tseng not only won Rookie of the Year honors, she also claimed her first major winning the McDonald's LPGA Championship.

At the age of 19, she was the youngest to ever do so.

She was not done with majors at all after winning her first. Tseng would go on to win two majors in 2010. The Kraft Nabisco Championship as well as the Ricoh British Open.

In 2011, Tseng has continued her dominance of the LPGA Tour, having already won six times in 18 starts including two more majors -- The Wegmans LPGA Championship and her second Ricoh British Open title, bringing her total of majors to five in just four years.

She has amassed nearly $7-million in her LPGA career so far in a mere four seasons.

So how does the fun loving, glowing personality, 22-year old handle her success and being the best female golfer in the world?

"I feel really good right now and really comfortable," Tseng told LPGA.com. "I've wanted to be No. 1 since I was 12, and it's been a dream come true."

"But I feel like I still have a long way to go. There are still things I need to learn and need to work on. I'm really excited, and I'm just going to do my best and have fun."

Her success has not only been felt on the LPGA Tour, but in her native Taiwan as well. Which has propelled her into a national celebrity and sparked renewed interested of golf in her native land.

"Everyone was really happy for me, and it's getting more popular. More people are watching golf in Taiwan right now."

Tseng is only one victory away from winning the career grand slam, needing just the Women's US Open to complete that goal.

At just 22-years of age, she is going to have plenty of opportunities to achieve that goal.

With her infectious smile, outgoing personality and zest to have fun, Tseng is definitely having fun with her game, the LPGA Tour and being the best female golfer in the world.

There is no limit to her potential and what she can accomplish in her career.

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