Cut Streak Alive for Steve Stricker

Only 100 more cuts to go now to tie Tiger Woods' consecutive cut streak of 142 events for Steve Stricker, after the PGA Tour gave him credit for what was considered a missed cut at the BMW Championship in August.

Stricker, who withdrew from the event after completing his second round stating a neck injury would force him to not be able to continue, will now get credit for making the cut after all.

His consecutive cut streak will now resume at 42 cuts made in a row, which is the longest active streak on the PGA Tour.

It was initially determined that sense he withdrew after his second round at the BMW Championship and did not earn any official money, Stricker would be given a missed cut for that event.

However, after going through it's own records, the PGA Tour determined that in an event that has no cut, such as the 70 man BMW Championship field. A made cut is determined to have been successful if the player completes his first round in such an event.

Stricker obviously did that, having to withdraw after his second round due to his nagging neck injury.

So now, the quest and cuts made streak are back on for Stricker.

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