Reaction to Tiger Woods 'Fan Presser'

Tiger Woods recently announced that he would forgo his usual media press conference at the upcoming Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow. And instead, field questions via video on his website, from his fans.

For whatever reason, he caught a lot of flack over this from many of the mainstream media outlets.

I have no reason why that is either.

What's the difference if he sits in front of the media, answering the same old questions as he does, week in and week out? Or, sits at what I assume was his house, answering questions submitted to him by fans.

To many I have spoken to, or have seen comment on twitter and other outlets. There are too many press conferences anyway in the world of golf.

Why do we need to hear the same stock answers from Woods; or other players for that matter, every week at every Tour stop?

You know the questions. You know the answers. There really is no rhyme or reason to it.

Now of course during majors, I expect to hear from the top players in the world. It's a major, and I feel they should do media Q&A's. That's just part of a major championship week.

I for one thought what Woods was trying to do was something different and geared towards his fan base.

What's wrong with that?

It beats listening to his stock and regurgitated answers over and over and over again. Per the norm of every other presser he has done in the past 15 years or so.

So maybe the questions were not bone riveting, tell alls, about his game and personal life enquiries.

So what?

Last time I checked, we were 'golf journalists'. Not reporters for the National Enquirer.

Personally, I could care less what he does off-course. I am here to report and write about what he does on-course, with a golf club -- Nothing more.

Does his off-course life at times, leak over onto the course?

Of course.

When it does, we should report that his game is off in [insert area here] and ask questions why that is. Not if his recent divorce or whatever in his personal life, effected his putt on a certain hole.

I have news for you. It didn't.

So watch the video. Form your own opinion of what Woods did in regards to answering questions from his fans, instead of dealing with the media once again on the same tired old subjects.

Personally, I thought it was a good gesture from Woods to be more engaging towards his fans. He has always been a bit stand-offish when it comes to interaction with not only the media, but golf fans as well.

I'm sure he has had his fair share of myself, and the rest of the media. Maybe we'll see more of these types of videos in the near future from Woods.

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