Watson continues to struggle with his putter

Bubba Watson draws huge galleries at every event he is in, with this bombs off the tee, the way he works the ball all over the course and there is the pink driver.

The 33-year old is best known for his length, as he is currently No. 1 on the PGA Tour in driving distance at 315.5 yards.

However, the old saying in golf 'drive for shoe and putt for dough' reigns true even more so for Watson.

Yes he is No. 1 on Tour in driving distance, and fans love the long ball.

Though Watson's struggles on the green have continued to plague him so far in the 2012 season. Through the Northern Trust Open, Watson ranks 156th on Tour in Strokes Gained Putting, -.616.

He shows signs of improvement from round to round, however seemingly never able to put four solid rounds of putting together, so far at an event this season.

At the Northern Trust Open, he carded 25, 32, 32 and 27 putts per round. An inconsistent event on the greens yet again.

So what is the issue with Watson?

Is it mental? Is it his stroke? Is it his equipment? Or, perhaps a combination of any of those factors.

If you look at his setup on the greens, it almost looks as though his hands are actually behind the putter shaft when he putts the ball. As if he wants to add loft to his putter for whatever reason.

His stroke at times, looks like he is forcing the ball, as if he is trying to guide it to the hole instead of swinging the putter head through the ball.

Whatever the reason for his continued struggles with the flat stick, he is going to have to figure it out quickly before it starts to creep into his mind.

Golf is such a mental and emotional game at every level, for every player.

We all know what an emotional player Watson is. This very issue could easily get to him and cause him to regress back to his old, explosive (for lack of a better term) personality self, on the course.

I'm sure he, nor his fans want to see that from him.

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