Pintless Darren Clarke - Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Northern Irishmen and current Champion Golfer of the Year [British Open] has decided to put down the 20 oz. pints of Guinness and pick up the 20 lb. weights.

After winning the 2011 Open Championship, a seemingly never ending party ensued as Clarke traveled the world with the Claret Jug in one hand and a pint in the other.

And who could blame him really.

Oh but how times have changed since then.

Clarke, who's home course Royal Portrush will host the 2012 Irish Open, believes it's time to get in shape to extend his golfing career.

"As most of you probably already know, the Irish Open is coming to Royal Portrush this year which is going to be a massive event for Northern Ireland. It's one of the best courses in the world and I think all the guys will really enjoy the challenge when they play the tournament."

"It's a difficult course but fair at the same time and I just hope we get the normal little breeze to get it to play the way it should be played. I'm certain very proud that it's there on my home territory - and I can sleep in my own bed for the week - always a bonus!" Clarke wrote on his blog.

In more of an effort to get into some sort of shape. Clarke has enlisted the help of a personal trainer, Jonny Bloomfield. Who he was put in contact with through Lee Westwood's trainer, Steve MacGregor.

Bloomfield is based out of Belfast, near Clarke's home.

The beloved and fan favorite Ulsterman went on to say, "My golf career has been extended somewhat by winning the Open Championship and I just thought that enough is enough and it was time to get myself into better shape."

"Jonny's a sports scientist and he's got me doing all sorts in the gym, having my eyes checked out, nutrition etc. Therefore my alcohol consumption is taking a massive dint.....currently down to zero!"

"However, no pain, no gain and I'm very excited about the route that we're going down - it's a long road but I will give it my best shot."

To some, it will seem a little strange to run into Clarke at tournaments and not see him with a pint in his hand after the round.

I say winning the Open put a spark into his competitive fire and he is doing what must be done to stay in the game.

Good luck to you Darren !!

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