Kodak extends PGA Tour patnership; drops challenge

Kodak has announced that they will extend their partnership with the PGA Tour through 2016. However, there will be no more Kodak Challenge beginning in 2012.

The Kodak Challenge was a year long competition throughout the PGA Tour season, that singled out a 'challenge' hole on each course.

Players' scores were accumulated throughout the entire season, ending with the player with the lowest cumulative score over those holes would win the event and the $1-million that went along with it.

In 2011, Bill Lunde won the challenge and collected the $1-million payout. Beating out Josh Teater, Cameron Tringale and Fabian Gonzalez by two strokes.

Kodak's new agreement with the PGA Tour will focus more on the business side of the sport as well as client hospitality at events.

"We are happy to announce the extension of our Official Marketing Partnership with the PGA Tour through 2016," Pradeep Jotwani, Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak said of the announcement.

"This extended partnership will allow us to better meet our changing business objectives by expanding our PGA Tour tournament presence both domestically and internationally, a shift that is important to Kodak and its global business efforts."

PGA Tour Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Wade had this to say. "Kodak has been an outstanding partner for the PGA Tour and we could not be more pleased that Kodak chose to extend its partnership with us."

"We look forward to collaborating with Kodak to better meet its evolving business objectives."

To some, the Kodak Challenge was no more than a gimmick for some 'lesser known' players to add to their bank accounts at the end of the year.

Others believe the competition or challenge, was a neat way for golfers and the sport to something a little different that would last the entire season.

Which ever side of the fence you are on with the Kodak Challenge, it is officially gone until another sponsor steps up and makes it their challenge moving forward.

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