749 days later, Tiger Woods is a winner once again

Tiger Woods, after 749 days is finally a winner again.

Capping off a birdie, birdie finish at the Chevron World Challenge to hold off Zach Johnson by one stroke to claim victory for the fifth time at the event he hosts.

The former World No. 1 had his last win at the Australian Masters, way back in November of 2009. However, we all remember the events on Thanksgiving night of the same year that would seemingly send Woods and his golf game into a tail spin.

It's now 2011, and 26 official events later, Woods has added another championship to his resume'.

One shot down to Johnson with two to play at Sherwood Country Club in La Quinta, California -- Woods at times looked as though he had returned to his old winning ways.

There were of course shots that were not his best, though he fought through them to find ways to salvage shots when he needed to.

Johnson, not Woods was the leader heading into Sunday's final round. Which saw the two exchange blow after blow as if in a prize fight for the title belt.

Though the Chevron World Challenge is only an 18-man field, it seemed like much more was on the line.

Heading to the 18th tee box, many had to think back to last year as Woods was tied with Graeme McDowell at this same juncture.

The Northern Irishman would drain a 20-foot birdie putt to force a playoff -- A playoff McDowell would ultimately win.

2011 was a different story for Woods. Both players hit very good approach shots into 18th green.

Woods however was the closer of the two, leaving it up to Johnson to make his birdie putt to put even more pressure on Woods in the situation, or set the stage for a Woods' victory with a birdie finish of his own.

Johnson would just miss his birdie putt, leaving the stage open for Woods to claim his first victory, in as we said in over two years.

In past years, this would be a no-brainer to watch spill into the cup and watch Woods give his signature fist pump. However, this time around, there seemed to be a little more nervousness amongst the Woods contingent.

He did drain his birdie putt to seemingly take a very large monkey off of his back, that had been residing there for two years.

Asked after his round if his emotions were joyous, Woods simply said, "It just feels awesome whatever it is."

Welcome back to winners circle Tiger. I'm sure it and your fans have missed you.

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