Tiger Woods Hires Joe LaCava as his New Bagman

Since parting ways in a very odd and public way with Steve Williams, a lot of speculation has surrounded Tiger Woods with who he would hire as his new bag man after the long stint he and Williams had.

At the PGA Championships back in August, Woods turned to long-time friend Bryon Bell to serve as his interim caddy until a true replacement could be found.

The wait is seemingly over.

Announcing through his website on Sunday afternoon, Woods tabbed Dustin Johnson's caddy Joe LaCava as his new bag man.

"This was an important decision, and I wanted to think about it carefully." Woods said through his website. "Also, out of deference for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, I decided to wait until they were concluding to have substantive talks. We then spoke to Joe and came to an agreement."

LaCava, had been the longtime caddie for Fred Couples before parting ways (mutually) to take on Johnson's bag this season on Tour.

"I'm excited to be working with Tiger," LaCava said. "I contacted Tiger and Mark because this is a unique opportunity to be a part of something very special. Tiger and I have been friends for a very long time, and I know what he can do."

LaCava will become the third full-time caddie for Tiger Woods since turning pro in 1996.

Woods also went on to say via his website that he contacted Johnson directly after LaCava had informed him of his decision to go with Woods moving forward.

Johnson's agent David Winkle said, "Needless to say, Dustin and I were very surprised, as they have enjoyed a great relationship and have been very successful together."

"Nonetheless, we think highly of Joe, both as a caddie and a person, which is why he was hired in the first place. We wish him nothing but the best with his new employer."

Late Sunday afternoon, Woods posted on his Twitter account, "Joe LaCava is an outstanding caddie and I have known him since I was an amateur, really looking forward to having him on the bag."

The two will have their first public appearance next month in California at the Frys.com Open October 6-9.


  1. I wonder if LaCava is not looking at the short term gain over the long term gain he could have with Dustin Johnson?

    Yes, Woods is (was) a great player...But is he now? Lots of ????? marks with Woods and only upside with Johnson. I think this may come back to bite LaCava.

    - Jim E.

  2. Jim - A few people have brought that topic up after LaCava leaving DJ's bag for Woods.

    Johnson is a young up and coming star on Tour with just as much talent is anyone out there right now.

    He certainly has more years left in him that Woods does. I guess the chance to be on Woods bag was just too good of an opportunity for LaCava not to pass up.

    We'll see if the decision will pay off in 2012 that's for sure. Thanks for the read and comments.