Lexi Thompson to File Petition to join LPGA

16-year old Lexi Thompson made headlines around the golfing world this year by becoming the youngest player to ever win a professional event on the LPGA Tour.

Lexi capped off an amazing week for herself by capturing the 2011 Navistar LPGA Classic by five strokes over Tiffany Joh.

Much has been made since that victory by Thompson to let her play full time on the LPGA Tour in 2012. However, the current rules of the Tour states competitors must be at least 18-years of age or they will be limited to just six starts per year.

Some believe this to be an archaic rule and short sides the Tour itself of a potential future American star.

Thompson's agent Bobby Kreusler believes the LPGA should consider going with a system similar to the WTA, Women's Tennis Association. Which deals with situations such as this involving teenage players.

"This is an issue that comes about quite frequently, and it's only going to continue to come about," Kreusler said in an interview. "It's not going to go away."

Kreusler went on to say that Blue Giraffe Sports, the organization that represents Thompson, will submit a formal petition to the LPGA today (Thursday) to ask Tour commissioner Mike Whan to waive the LPGA's age restriction of 18-years old and let Thompson join as a full member.

This topic has been trending on twitter the past few days as one of Thompson's sponsors, Cobra Golf, has even had t-shirts made up that say 'Let Lexi Play'.

Some PGA players like Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler have been spotted wearing the shirts and have posted pictures of themselves on twitter openly getting behind the petition to let Thompson play on the LPGA Tour.

There are some who say that rules are rules and they should not be bent for anyone for any reason, as that opens the flood gates up to others.

At the same time, there are others that believe rules can and will always be there to change and evolve depending on the situation in question.

The LPGA Tour has a real decision to make here either to allow Thompson full playing privileges on their Tour at a younger age than their current rules state or not.

I would also think that Thompson herself would want to wait until next year to become a member to fully allow the chance at the rookie of the year race instead of joining the Tour this season.

We are now in a wait and see moment on the future of Thompson playing as a full member on the LPGA Tour.

The ball is now in your court commissioner Whan.

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  1. UPDATE!!!

    Lexi Thompson was granted her LPGA Tour membership and will tee it up in a reported 20 events next season as a full memeber fo the LPGA Tour.