A Few Tweaks to Earning a PGA Tour Card

Now that the Web.com Tour finals are behind us and the 2013-2014 PGA Tour cards have been handed out. There were many, many different opinions on how this format differed from the previous format, including the PGA Tour "Q-School".

There seemed to be a little more confusion with the new format, as there tends to be with something new. Though the new system did not seem that far off base, when it comes to the PGA Tour wanting to award players the privilege of playing on their top stage.

Yes. Q-School did/does offer some romanticism, where a college player or pro shop employee can pony up his four thousand dollars (or however much it is these days) and earn the right to play along side the world's best.

And there is nothing wrong with that in any way, shape or form. However -- I tend to agree and like another golf scribes idea and twist on a new format. Playing off the Web.com and PGA Tour's newest format.

Let the Top-15 players on the Web.com Tour regular season money list automatically earn their PGA Tour card, and their priority ranking as well. No need for them to play in the "Finals". They are set.

Once those players are set. Have the Web.com Tour players finishing 16 through 75 play in the finals as they are now. Along with the PGA Tour players that finished 126th to 200th on the PGA Tour money list. Letting them duke it out over those four courses in the Web.com Tour finals for 25 more PGA Tour cards. As well as their priority ranking behind the top-15 from the Web.com Tour's regular season money list.

Lastly, bringing Q-School back into the fold.

Let all the glory seekers, college players and pro shop guys make the trek to Orlando. Pony up the Benjamins and vie for the remaining 10 PGA Tour cards.

There we would have 50 PGA Tour cards awards from three different routes. Accommodating virtually every player wanting the chance to tee it up on the PGA Tour.

What are your comments and/or suggestions on how the qualifying format can be improved?

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